Ancient Future Now Remixes 1–3

Remixes 1
A1 Johannes Klingebiel – All Around Me – RSS Disco’s All Over You Mix
A2 Julian Stetter – Wall – Dreems Walls Have Ears Mix
B1 Philipp Fein – Cogitatio – Sainte Vie Remix
B2 Dreems & DJ Weemon – Okuruwo – Tight Pant’s Tell Max He’s Dreeming

Remixes 2
A1 Johannes Klingebiel – All Around Me – Jay Shepheard Remix
A2 Alma & Mater – Forever Never – House of Ties Vocal Recovery Dub feat. Mr. Ties
B1 Tunnel Signs, David Marston, DJ Weemon – Toe Sucker – Klingebiel Touch / Iñigo Vontier
B2 Alma & Mater – We Make Your Mindz Clap – Yuki Tosaya Acid Sky Remix

Remixes 3
A1 Sunrom – Shaman Echoes – Tuff City Kids Eau De Remix
A2 Rhytch – Lenoir – Marbod‘s Hairdresser Mix
B1 Rhytch – Love Interlude – Zillas on Acid Ultramodern Heartbreaker Mix
B2 Rhytch – Love Interlude – Kofun remix . GROUND a.k.a Gr∞un

Listen to the records here.

Record sleeve design

Ancient Future Now

3 × 12” vinyl record + digital release

4C Offset Print

300 each

Univers LT Std 55 Roman

Year 2018

With the support of the city of Cologne, underground label Ancient Future Now asked some of electronic music's most exciting acts to remix their recent releases for a three-part vinyl series. The illustrious list of artists includes RSS Disco, Mr Ties and Tuff City Kids to name a few.

We designed the series showing ancient maps from around the world as cover artwork, kindly provided trough the digital archive of the library of the US Congress.

Reproduction photography by Jack Hems.