Garden Futures (Exhibition Design)

Exhibition graphics for ‘Garden Futures’ at Vitra Design Museum

Designed in collaboration with
Dominik Krauss

Vitra Design Museum

Viviane Stappmanns, Marten Kuijpers, Nina Steinmüller (Co-Curator)

Exhibition Design
(Andrea Trimarchi, Simone Farresin, Gabriele Milanese, Sara Barilli)

Modern Gothic by AllCaps

Year 2023

'Garden Futures' examines what gardens and their design reveal aboutour relationship to nature. In exploring the history of ideas behind the moderngarden, this book takes a close look at the present, searches into the past,and builds bridges with the future. It includes stunning photographs ofgroundbreaking gardens by artist Derek Jarman and garden designer Piet Oudolf,while critical essays by well-known authors question the ideals of theconventional garden – from seemingly perfect, water-wasting lawns to ubiquitousplants and their colonial roots. Historical photo-essays consider the garden asa political space, and gardeners Gilles Clément and Jamaica Kincaid present thegarden as a place of learning where abstract concepts like ecology, climatechange, and food insecurity are translated into things you can smell, touch,and taste.