3,159 Tweets (#FreeAhmed)

Publication in support of Ahmed Mansoor

Published by
Manu Luksch, Mukul Patel and Jack Wolf

Cover Artwork
Stencil used in global campaign to promote #FreeAhmed 

297 × 420 mm (closed, folds up to 841 × 1189 mm)


2 × 500

Offset 90gsm

Offset A0 2/2 black printed by print24 (hand-folded)

Markazi Text

Year 2019

Ahmed Mansoor is currently serving a 10 year prison sentence for his online activism – specifically, for ‘promoting false and shaded information’ and ‘serving agendas aimed at spreading hatred and sectarianism’.

Film makers and activists Manu Luksch, Mukul Patel and Jack Wolf are republishing the 3,159 most recent posts from his Twitter feed, @Ahmed_Mansoor, in parallel with a machine translation into English, to give the reader an opportunity to assess the credibility of the accusations. @Ahmed_Mansoor has 16.8K followers, and has been silent since his arrest.

The tweets are accompanied by a selection of Mansoor’s poetry in Arabic from his 2007 collection ‘Beyond the Failure’, together with new English translations. Broader context is provided by the transcript of an interview with Mansoor, conducted and filmed by Manu Luksch in May 2016, and first published in the journal ‘Surveillance & Society’. Images and photographic documentation are from the international campaign to #FreeAhmed. (this is an excerpt from the publication's editorial)

There are two versions of this publication, one with all tweets in Arabic script and one in English.

If you would like to get a copy, please get in touch with Manu Luksch.