Posters for EW's inaugural exhibition 'Kunststrom'

E-WERK Luckenwalde

Artistic Directors
Helen Turner
Pablo Wendel (Performance Electrics)

Culture and Development Assistant
Myrina Andrack

A2, double-sided, edition of 250, CMYK offset by print24

Monument Grotesk, kindly supplied by Dinamo, Basel/Berlin

Year 2019

In 2019 artist Pablo Wendel and curator Helen Turner reopen Luckenwalde's former coal power station as E-WERK Luckenwalde (EW), producing sustainable energy and contemporary art as one. From 14 September 2019 until 28 March 2020 the inaugural exhibition 'Kunststrom' shows works by Nicolas Deshayes, Lucy Joyce, Performance Electrics and umschichten.

For the opening weekend Block Universe will present performances at EW, titled 'POWER NIGHT'.

More information on EW online, on facebook & instagram.

A limited amount of B1 (700 × 1000 mm) prints will be available at EW.