The Zukunft

The Zukunft (11 posters about the future, de toekomst, l’avenir, il futuro, budućnost, and the Zukunft)

A typeface for the future presented with 11 posters by 11 international designers/studiios

Prof. Sascha Lobe, HfG Offenbach (Germany)

Designers (from left to right starting with top row):
Benjamin Franzki & Jan Münz, Offenbach
Megi Zumstein & Claudio Barandun, Hi, Luzern
Fraser Muggeridge studio, London (UK)
Tom Pratt & Oliver Shaw, Catalogue, London/New York (UK/US)
Marie Schoppmann & Katharina Schücke, Frankfurt (GER)
Federico Proietti, Rom (IT)
Johannes C. Büttner, Amsterdam (NL)
Guillaume Grall, Playgground, Paris (FRA)
Alexander Lis, Frankfurt (GER)
Filip Bojović, Novi Sad (SRB)
Sebastian Pataki, Frankfurt (GER)

500 × 700 mm (B2)

1/2 colour offset, printed at Gutenbergschule Frankfurt with Wolfgang Rademacher

Series of 11 posters, 50 each

Zukunft, available on request

Year 2012

‘Zukunft’ is a bastard typeface, built from the fragments of Garamond and Grotesque, it was released in 2012 with a series of posters designed by 11 international designers/studios speculation about the future.

It was presented at the 24th International Poster and Graphic Design Festival in Chaumont 2013.