Tell Them I Said No

Visual Identity for two days of performances, concerts, workshops, live discussions, karaoke and sauna sessions on 3–4 May 2024

Designed in collaboration with
Eva Dumoulin

E-WERK Luckenwalde

Co-curated by
Helen Turner & Katharina Worf

Florine Lindner
Alison Midgley
Moritz Schmolke
Sebastian Reinicke
Nicola Jeffs
Carolin Kralapp

Bespoke Typefaces
Kantonal & TSI Spiral by Sascha Bente

Stefan Korte & Katherine Thomson

Year 2024

Inspired by author and art critic Martin Herbert's collection of essays Tell Them I Said No, E-WERK Luckenwalde's two day event considered the implications of resistance, what radical models of self-sufficiency look like, the political connotations of counterculture (or cancel culture), who has the privilege to say no and artistic vulnerability.